The PDX World Cup Lounge was created and hosted by Jeff Stephens.  Jeff is a local real estate entrepreneur (Abound Properties) and a passionate soccer fan! One day in 2017, as he was daydreaming about the 2018 World Cup, he asked himself a question:  “if I’m going to clear my schedule to watch the World Cup, why not invite my friends, colleagues and others from the community to join me?!”  Thus, a vision was born, and the seeds that would later become the PDX World Cup Lounge were planted.

Earlier in 2018, Jeff fulfilled another longtime soccer vision, and celebrated his 40th birthday by organizing a crazy trip with friends to take in five top-division European soccer matches in five countries.  He visited PSG, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Inter-Milan and Barcelona. He is apparently a good luck charm, because the home teams kept a trip-long clean sheet and won 13-0 on aggregate!